Building social connections through dialogue and creativity

Create working relationships based on respect and trust

Reinforce self-confidence and the respect for the difference

To transform a real-life experience in a work of art through theatre

Dance With Me creates and diffuses innovative educational programs based on art aiming at promoting dialogue, developing the creative abilities inherent in each and every individual and encouraging the sense of belonging and desire to contribute to the community.

Based in Geneva, today we are promoting the program Dancing Communities in health institutions, businesses and community centers as a means of social cohesion.

Businesses and Organizations

Our program “Shall we dance?” Dancing Communities builds trust and dialogue within teams and between hierarchies. It encourages employee motivation, resolves conflicts and stimulates productivity and innovation.

Health and Integration

Within institutions as well as outside the institutional framework, Dancing Communities encourages confidence, strengthens social skills and stimulates the sense of belonging to the community.

General public

For those who want to experience ballroom dancing and meeting friends and neighbors in a joyful and welcoming atmosphere, the Dancing Communities program is based on a playful approach and it is accessible to all.

Our partners

They are irreplacable actors in the realisation of our programs